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don’t judge a person by their looks, judge them by their opinion on boromir.

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Give them a moment, for pity’s sake!”

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my very very old artwork


my very very old artwork

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Middle-Earth Meme: Friendships [5/5]


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LotR meme: favorite character

Boromir {text formed from a few various quotes}

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The strongest of us must seek a way.

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Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets? 

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Middle earth meme » [1/3] heroes; Boromir of Gondor

Boromir, five years the elder, beloved by his father, was like him in face and pride, but in little else. Rather he was a man after the sort of King Eärnur of old, taking no wife and delighting chiefly in arms; fearless and strong, but caring little for lore, save the tales of old battles. 

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“Then the boat turned towards me, and stayed its pace, and floated slowly by within my hand’s reach, yet I durst not handle it. It waded deep, as if it were heavily burdened, and it seemed to me as it passed under my gaze that it was almost filled with clear water, from which came the light; and lapped in the water a warrior lay asleep.”

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